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Sometimes it is not necessary to have a specific problem to seek help from a Psychologist

we may want to know ourselves better, or understand why we are not feeling well. A Psychologist can also help resolve mental health disorders, such as depression, anxiety, phobias, panic disorders, eating disorders, stress-related problems, problems in relationships with others, addictions or serious mental disorders.

Does my child need to see a Psychologist?

When to seek help from a psychologist appears as a frequent question for parents who are faced with a situation that is difficult to resolve. 

The first consideration you can make to help you with this decision is to understand whether a less desirable behavior is:

– interfering with routines and well-being

- Affecting day-to-day life or even your quality of life

- significantly interfering with relationships at home, with family, with friends

- Poor school performance

- Overall health status is declining

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you should make an initial appointment with a psychologist, to carry out an assessment of your child and understand what strategy you can use so that, together, the challenges can be overcome.

Did you know that bullying can be harmful to the mental health of both adults and kids?

Psychology and Bullying

Bullying is a situation that happens repeatedly and is intended to harm the victim, the aggressor does not make an effort to resolve the problem and always wants to control whether through abusive behavior, verbal or physical offense. It often happens when there is an imbalance of power. It is intentional and continuous aggressive behaviour with a negative impact on the development of both victims and aggressors.

Bullying can cause physical and emotional symptoms that lead to the development of disorders such as generalized anxiety or depression and can even lead to the person making attempts on their own life. 

Cultivating Positive Thinking through Psychology

Human beings have a natural tendency to remember traumatic/negative experiences or insults more vividly than compliments.

It is also characteristic of human behavior to react more firmly to negative stimuli or for your thoughts to follow this tendency.

Feelings of frustration, anger and anxiety create mechanisms that can disrupt your mood, your ability to reason or even your physical performance.

For this to be controlled, there are tools that must be used to counteract these feelings and they are one of the topics discussed with our Psychology specialists.

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Your first Psychology appointment at Clínica Sintra Saúde

The first Psychology Consultation is a fundamental step in the therapeutic process, marking the beginning of a journey towards understanding and strengthening mental health. 

The consultation begins with a thorough anamnesis, which seeks to carry out a detailed survey of the patient's clinical history.

Demographic data is collected, family history and the most significant life events are verified. This analysis helps the psychologist understand the patient's life context. Typically, the patient shares their main complaint, describing the symptoms, how they manifest themselves, their duration and the intensity of the problem. 

This narrative provides the expert with a starting point for deeper investigation. This research aims to explore the patient's journey, from childhood to the present. The most striking events are delved into, possible traumatic experiences and most relevant relationships are addressed and this allows us to understand how these have shaped the patient's current mental health.

The goals

In this consultation, the patient and the psychologist discuss the objectives of the treatment and their expectations. This helps to align goals and shape which therapeutic approach to adopt and what steps to take.

The first Psychology Consultation is much more than a simple starting point. It represents a solid foundation on which the journey towards mental well-being is built and it is intended that in this space of understanding and collaboration, the patient embarks on a journey of self-discovery and emotional growth, guided by the experience and care of our Psychology team.

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The Psychology team at Clínica Sintra Saúde, registered with the Portuguese Psychological Association, receives patients daily with a wide range of complaints, from depressive states, stress, anxiety or uncertainty/uncertainty about relationships or decisions. ​

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