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Acupuncture in Lisbon? Or Sintra? We're the go-to clinic

Acupuncture is part of the Traditional Chinese Medicine medical system, which encompasses other specialties such asTui Na Massage, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Cupping, Moxibustion, Qigong, Tai Chi and Chinese Nutrition Therapy.

It consists of applying very fine Acupuncture needles, as thin as a guitar string, perfectly malleable and placed in specific points on the body, with the purpose of promoting physical and mental balance.

Acupuncture is performed by specialists trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine and with extensive experience in treating musculoskeletal diseases (tendinitis, back pain, sciatic pain, lack of mobility, etc), skin diseases (eczema, acne, melasma, psoriasis, urticaria, etc.), emotional issues (stress, anxiety, palpitations, panic attacks), digestive and respiratory pathologies and fertility support.

Acupuncture For Stress Relief & Anxiety

Insomnia, anxiety, headaches, muscle tension, fatigue, depression, post-traumatic stress, hypertension, dizziness, tics, irritability, panic attacks

Anxiety is an emotional state that sends the individual to a place of insecurity. It may be accompanied by a feeling of constant worry, ruminating thoughts, palpitations, a feeling of pressure in the chest or a lump in the throat. It may even lead to increased blood pressure, muscle tension, changes in appetite or the intestinal tract.

It is one of the main reasons for an Acupuncture Consultation.

Acupuncture For Pain Management

Acupuncture is known as Public Enemy No. 1 for pain, numbness, lack of sensitivity or mobility.

Back pain, cervical stiffness, osteoarthritis, sciatica, tendinitis, lack of strength, ankle pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, shoulder pain, epicondylitis, sports injuries, neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, etc. 

No one in pain feels like its true self.​​​​​ The issue with "feeling pain" is not just the sensation itself, but everything it entails, from mood changes to sleep quality - which in itself has all kinds of repercussions.

Women's Health

From puberty to menopause, the body goes through several transitions and Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture have a huge role to play in each one of them, helping you navigate through them as naturally as possible.

Pregnancy and Post Partum

Nausea, tiredness or pain can be part of the range of symptoms that may arise during pregnancy. Count on our team to respond both to the challenges that each quarter may present, as well as restoring the balance of such a physically and emotionally demanding stage.

Fertility Acupuncture | Preparing for Pregnancy

We seek to pave the way, changing life habits and promoting a good lifestyle, which is essential to this journey, both for couples who have already suffered a loss and/for those who have tried without success. Infertility, lack of libido or the treatment of menstrual cycle disorders are part of the acupuncture spectrum.

Acupuncture for Menopause

Hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, decreased libido or weight gain can be part of the typical symptoms of this phase. We suggest, as in all phases, Acupuncture as a natural, preventive, safe and effective treatment.

Acupuncture for Puberty

We support teenagers from the beginning of their reproductive phase, solutions for eating disorders, menstrual cramps, acne, stress and anxiety



Acupuncture for the Digestive System

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn's disease, colitis, celiac disease, colitis, gastritis, ulcers, constipation, diverticulitis, gastric reflux, food intolerances

The digestive system is our core. Both physical and emotional.

In Chinese medicine, the stomach, spleen and pancreas health play a major role on how people think. In fact, when these organs are imbalanced, one tends to worry and ruminate its thoughts more frequently.

Since the digestive organs are responsible for extracting energy from food and are essential for blood production, it is no coincidence that special attention is given to this area, even when you do not have a digestive complaint. 

Acupuncture promotes the release of chemicals that dilate the airways, making breathing easier.

Acupuncture strengthens the Respiratory System

Cough, Common flu, sore throat, pharyngitis and tonsillitis, asthma, bronchitis, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, allergies, otitis

Acupuncture also has an influence on increasing respiratory capacity, stimulating the immune response thus, overall, contributes to improving the quality of life of patients with respiratory symptoms overall.

As far as allergic cases are concerned, Acupuncture is used to increase the space between flare ups and tends to reduce their intensity.


Psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, acne, rosacea, shingles, melasma, flaccidity, hives

Skin reflects our inside. Skin diseases are therefore a reflection of our state of health. And, once again, there is a very interesting link between intestinal/digestive health and the skin. And the truth is, Acupuncture is fantastic for skin matters.

The location and nature of the symptoms is an important factor for outlining the Acupuncture (or herbal medicine) strategy, however it is to be expected that the specialist promotes some type of change in your nutritional habits, possibly recommending the intake of chinese herbal remedies (Chinese Pharmacology based on plants and minerals) or even the inclusion of other specialties, such as Microneedling, especially when the skin is the top priority. Microneedling.

Depending on your concerns or areas to be treated, your Acupuncture may be combined with other Chinese Medicine skills, such as Tui Na Massage, a Cupping, Gua Sha or Moxibustion

Acupuncture treatments are provided by specialists that possess an Acupuncture license and/or Chinese Medicine license issued by the ACSS (Central Administration of the Health System). 

Acupuncture is performed with threadlike needles, very thin and placed in specific points. The sensations can range from very little intensity or almost nothing in most of the points used, to a perfectly tolerable and temporary sensation of stinging (inferior to any injectable, as they are very low gauge needles), spasm, shock or numbness.

We encourage you to bring any medical tests you may have already undergone (e.g. MRI, CT scan, X-ray, blood tests), as well as the list of medications you are currently taking. All the above information may be useful to determine how you are going to be treated.

This is the biggest myth around Acupuncture - a false one! Those on medication, any, may be treated safely with Acupuncture. 

Children, the elderly, pregnant women and anyone with prosthetics or a pacemaker can also receive treatments. Acupuncture is safe for all patients as long as it is applied by specialists with a professional Acupuncture license.

What should I expect from a treatment?

Will Acupuncture hurt? What will I feel? How soon will I experience the benefits? The above are some of the questions often asked by those who have never had the pleasure of receiving Acupuncture. 

In this video you can get an idea of how a first Acupuncture consultation takes place at Clínica Sintra Saúde.


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