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Post-surgical rehabilitation

Postural Correction

Injury treatment

Physiotherapy is the most recommended specialty after an injury or surgery.

What we guarantee at Clínica Sintra Saúde:

– Treatments carried out by a specialist with 40 years of experience

– Always seen by the same specialist

– Treatments performed in individual rooms (no curtains or treating other patients at the same time​)

– Much more than “just a Physiotherapy session”, you will receive experience and therapeutic quality that will allow you to achieve the postural correction you are looking for.

Back Pain - Our Method

One in three Portuguese suffers from chronic low back pain. The data comes from INE and we verify it daily in both Physiotherapy and Acupuncture treatments. It is also one of the main reasons for absence from work.

Injury Treatment


Whether playing a sport, training at the gym, playing a game with friends or even doing household chores, the body can always be at risk of injury. This exposure to a muscle, tendon or bone injury may be greater or lesser, depending on the posture, intensity or frequency of the movement.

At Clinica Sintra Saúde we use a holistic approach to Physiotherapy that focuses treatment on the whole and not just the affected area. This way, our specialists seek to correct possible causes of injury and provide a faster recovery from your complaints.

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy helps patients to regain mobility and restore the functionality of the intervened tissues more quickly, in addition to ensuring a better healing process and avoiding fibrotic processes.
Physiotherapy is also an excellent option for pain management and helps many of our patients to avoid or reduce the prolonged use of medication avoid undesirable exposure to its possible side effects.

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Revitalize, Realign, Reclaim: Sintra's Source for Physiotherapy Bliss!

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Revitalize, Realign, Reclaim: Sintra's Source for Physiotherapy Bliss!

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