Speech Therapy

It helps the individual, whether a child or an adult, to develop, recover or improve skills such as understanding, voice clarity, fluency, sound production or even swallowing.

Speech, Voice, Fluency



The Speech Therapy's purpose is to make children feel more independent and confident.

The Speech Therapist assesses and treats speech, language, voice, swallowing and communication disorders in general.

Although it is often associated with younger people, it may also be necessary in adulthood, especially in order to mitigate or overcome the consequences of a possible stroke, brain injury or other pathologies.

The importance of early intervention

Speech Therapy is a specialty open to children and adults who experience language challenges.

The treatment allows you to avoid embarrassment and reinforce self-confidence, something fundamental at any age, but undoubtedly essential for the healthy development of children, at such an important stage for asserting their personality. In some cases, joint intervention with the specialist of Psychology.

At Clinica Sintra Saúde you will have individual and personalized Speech Therapy sessions, as well as respective assessment reports, both initially and with the progress of therapy.

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Warning Signs

It is almost always in a social or school context that differences in development between children begin. At Clínica Sintra Saúde we support children (and adults) with expression/understanding difficulties.

In children, here are the warning signs. If your child…

If you detect one or more of the signs above, the first step should be to schedule a Speech Therapy Assessment Consultation at Clínica Sintra Saúde.

- Does not understand what it is being said

– Does not build sentences correctly

– Changes sounds in words

– Finds reading challenging

– has trouble with writing

– is 2 years old and doesn't talk

... may benefit from Speech Therapy

At Clínica Sintra Saúde we are attentive to the concerns of parents, teachers and educators.

Speech Therapy & being back to school

The return of school activities for many children provides the majority the opportunity to learn and develop new motor, social and intellectual skills. However, this evolution occurs at different paces from child to child. Possible challenges or lack of progress, in speech and language are usually the reasons for greatest concern.​

If you feel that your child/student:

– Speaks too little or does not speak at 2 years (24 months)

– Shows no interest in communicating, does not seek interaction 

– Scarce/poor speech at age 3 

– cannot tell a story or event at age 3 

– Speech is barely perceptible (at 3 years old), presents speech with several changes/omissions of sounds

– Difficulties in learning to read and write (from 6 years old)

– Little understanding of orders 

When adults also need it

Stroke? Speech Therapy at Clínica Sintra Saúde

Cerebrovascular diseases are the main cause of death in our country and one of the ones that can leave the most consequences in the medium or long term, be they on language, speech, swallowing or motor skills. 

The Speech Therapist is one of the professionals who intervenes in the rehabilitation of a Cerebral Vascular Accident (CVA), varying according to the type and location of the brain injury, and consequently the type of sequelae presented, which we explore this article..

The recovery of the ability to verbalize, write, as well as the promotion and recovery of the ability to swallow can be accelerated with the intervention of Speech Therapy.

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What happens in a session?

Speech Therapy sessions at Clínica Sintra Saúde are highly personalised, resulting in variable content and duration of each session, never forgetting that the objective of Speech Therapy is to help the patient, whether adult or child, to achieve their communication goals and language in an effective and positive way.

The work carried out per session has an average duration per session of 45 minutes, however the total intervention time (estimated number of sessions) will greatly depend on the patient's pathology, the patient's commitment to following the recommendations to be carried out at home, etc. . making it challenging (or almost impossible) to estimate how many sessions will be needed for each case.

Each session varies depending on the patient. Let's think about the attention levels of a 4-5 year old child. The session will need to have a more playful nature so that it maintains interest. For an older child, for example 8-10 years old, a relaxed atmosphere will remain, but more based on conversation, discussion of their interests, their daily lives, etc. as for an adult, with the language adjusted to each patient.

There is in fact special attention to the patient's challenge, especially as it is not always easy to accept that therapy is really necessary.

The Speech Therapist may use games and interactive activities to create a more welcoming and motivating environment. In this way language challenges can be explored, gradually worked on and improved. These activities will also dictate what type of work should be carried out at home with the support of parents or the family in general.

With this, we intend to say that there are no magic formulas, but rather care and attention that, at Clínica Sintra Saúde, is always individual. It is important in each case, whether the patient is a child or an adult, that they and their families understand the plan and, with our support, achieve their results as quickly as possible.


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The Speech Therapy's purpose is to make children feel more independent and confident.