Tui Na

Tui Na is not your typical "relax massage". This vigorous treatment is 100% tailored for your needs.

Muscle recovery

Emotional relaxation

Postural Correction

Whilst still providing a feeling of well-being after your treatment, benefits will be both postural and functional

Tui Na, a massage of Chinese origin, is a vigorous treatment aimed at restoring circulatory and neuromuscular functions.

At Clínica Sintra Saúde, Tui Na Massage treatments are provided by specialists with a professional license in Acupuncture and/or Chinese Medicine issued by ACSS.

Your First Treatment

The specialist will use diagnostic methods specific to the Traditional Chinese Medicine system

A full body assessment will be conducted, with greater emphasis on your main complaint. Depending on the case, mobility tests will be conducted to deepen the understanding of your symptoms.

We encourage you to bring any medical tests you may have already carried out (e.g. CT scan, X-ray, blood tests...).

Your session may be combined with other Chinese Medicine techniques, such as Cupping Therapy (using the types of cups in the image), Gua Sha or Moxibustion. For persistent pain, we definitely recommend you trying Acupuncture.

Duration: 30 min (ideally one area) or 50 min

Cupping at Clínica Sintra Saúde

It is the technique we most like to combine, both with Acupuncture and Tui Na Massage treatments, especially in the most severe cases of muscle tension and stiffness.

"Cupping! Love it!"

Cupping therapy consists of placing suction cups, made of glass or bamboo, directly on the muscles and allows the therapeutic effect of the associated techniques to be exponentially increased.


Are you looking to relax, relieve muscle tension and stiffness, prevent injuries or recover from a sporting event?

The vacuum effect forces muscle fibers to expand and this favors reoxygenation and the reestablishment of blood flow in the tissues. Therefore, the stagnant blood in the tissues is surfaced and released into circulation.

Sometimes this action can leave temporary marks (up to 5-7 days) but it does not leave any type of sensitivity or cause damage to the skin.

Combining Cupping to other skills will allow the best possible outcome when treating the tightest muscles.

Tui Na Massage is an excellent complement, perhaps in many cases effective in itself, in resolving some situations that disturb emotional well-being.

Emotional relaxation

Without a doubt, in the last century, advances in the field of pharmacology have provided a substantial improvement in our quality of life, naturally including the stabilization of mental health. The "medicine culture", however, entails other costs, some of them avoidable. We are talking, of course, about the possible side effects of taking drugs, especially in the long term.​

The power of touch is irreplaceable. Pressure and kneading movements in specific areas of the body promote blood flow, relaxing muscles and promoting a unique feeling of relaxation. As a general rule, the most immediate effects are improved sleep quality and mood stabilization. And who doesn't need these benefits?

In Tuina massage, massage techniques such as acupressure, myofascial release and reflexology can be used. Techniques common to other specialties, such as Osteopathy and Chiropractic, can even be applied, such as stretching techniques and joint mobilizations

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