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Our Treatments

More than making natural healthcare accessible, we want to educate the community about healthy lifestyle choices.


Acupuncture is our #1 choice for all types of injuries involving pain or discomfort. Excellent as well for emotional support, respiratory issues & infertility.


Physiotherapy is commonly recommended for injuries, for post-surgery recovery & postural correction.


A safe place where you can explore your feelings, share your thoughts and analyse your behaviour.

Speech Therapy

A Terapeuta da Fala avalia e trata perturbações da fala, linguagem, voz, deglutição e da comunicação em geral


The best medicine is the one we take daily, but perhaps not the one we are used to. It all starts by adjusting your diet. 


Revitalize Your Glow, Elevate Your Skin, Illuminate Your Beauty. Your skin treatment directed to both face, body & scalp areas.

Tui Na Massage

Included with your Acupuncture treatment, or as a stand alone, an excellent choice to relax both body & mind.


No muscular tension resists cupping. We love it and combine it with both Acupuncture & Tui Na treatments.